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I've been to Brasil 6 times and have experienced the Escort Saunas on many occasions. So here goes OK - listen up guys! If the guy is stunning This is way more money than these boys will ever make in regular day jobs in Rio - if they could find them. This is still a decent rate today. In Sao Paulo That's because these boys are spectacular and But everyplace else This logic that says that they are all poor, starving favela guys and need your Yankee generosity is not only disrespectful to the sauna boy but plain dumb.

I'm not a cheap guy But come on guys. Wise up. Best in Rio for 'boys' Club or 'cento dezessete' to the locals is undoubtedly the best sauna in Rio if you are looking for a wide choice of 'boys'. There can be anything up to hustlers here tending their wares on busy days, sometimes more. They are very friendly, of all types and looks, and most are working class lads from all parts of Rio. My advice is stay away from the pumped-up muscle 'barbies' who will often try to demand extra because they think they are God's gift to the gay scene.

Believe me - the down to earth local lads are much sexier and much more friendly. Learning some Portuguese is essential when visiting Brazil.

Gay Rio De Janeiro

Being 'chatted up' by a beautiful Brazilian boy for half an hour is all part of the fun of a place like Buy him a drink at the bar. They will tell you what you want to hear and whisper sweet nothings in your ear in Portuguese as they caress your thigh and more. They are in the business of fulfilling your fantasies.

Sit back and enjoy. Just don't get carried away with it all. Keep your wits about you. Always remember that the boys are gigolos who are there for one reason - to make money. Public holidays such as Carnaval can also get insanely busy. Sometimes you can 'queue' an hour or more for a room. Don't worry, you can go and have a drink at the bar and the boy will let you know when the room is free. If the boy did his job well - give him a tip.

Gay Saunas, Cinemas, and Sex Clubs of Rio de Janeiro |

You will make his day, and you certainly won't earn his disrespect. Not all of the boys are poor - some are middle-class lads making a bit of extra money on the side. Do remember though that it is virtually impossible to live on the minimum wage in Brazil. Brazilians like to please - especially in the bedroom - so a tip for a boy who has worked extra hard to give you pleasure is only good manners.

Club is closed on Mondays - when the boys have a well-earned rest! Variety of hot, friendly, escorts My review of this place is a near carbon copy of Stephen's December review of Point Stephen's review and advice were spot on and should be read in combination with this one.

Both have similar pricing and payment, i. Since I visited both saunas, I rate this one a little higher for both convenience close to the Metro and for my tastes: I considered the boys at to be hotter than those at This latter assessment is based on the greater variety of boys fewer of the overly muscled and heavily-tattooed types, and more boys-next-door. On the particular day I visited a Tuesday at 5p after New Year's the place was very busy with the boys outnumbering the patrons by 5 to 1. Since this was a weekday after a major party week, many boys were just coming in from their day jobs and were fresh.

While the facility is a little shabby, the private room on the lower level was quite comfortable; it had a private shower and a big, bedside mirror. The club has an outdoor terrace which gives you an opportunity to check out the boys in natural light. Beware of the strong cooking odors here since it is right next to the kitchen. I can't emphasize enough that one should remember that saunas are businesses selling drinks and renting space, so taking escorts off premises doesn't benefit them and is a disincentive for the sauna staff to look out for your interest and safety. Escorts sell their time, not outcomes so you should manage your budget and expectations accordingly, i.

To enhance your chances of a good time, however, treat the escorts as you would any other personal services professionals whose time is valuable but you are still the client in control and not as objects of lust or infatuation or "disadvantaged" youth.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Male Escorts

That means if you chat with a boy for more than a couple of minutes offer to buy him a drink or a snack. If you are not interested, politely let him know quickly so he can pursue other opportunities. Since the boys work together, assume everything you say or do will become part of the sauna gossip. Don't haggle. The prices are all pretty uniform since you are in an open air market.

Be clear and upfront about what you want in your experience. When you get together in private, if things aren't going well stop and ask him if he's feeling OK and wants to stop. Nothing improves performance like the thought of all that competition outside the door.

✈✈✈ Gay-ville - Brazil ✈✈✈

If the mission is aborted, be prepared to pay in full again you purchased time, not an "outcome". However, sauna gossip and competition makes for a lot of effort on the boys' part. I had a great time and am looking forward to another visit to this sauna. Good talk and a great cla for every hour, whether. I am in Rio de Jane Hi guys! Ginger guy born in Brazil who wants to give a real brazillian exp Welcome my profile: My name is Bruno ferraz, I have 27 years old 1m80, 85k Male naughty, gifted, high standard!

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